Remembering Christine Marshall

Following on sadly from John’s news, that means for many of us we have lost our friend who battled illness on her terms and bravely also decided when to stop on her terms.

Whilst we are heartbroken at what this means to us and the club we are mostly holding in our hearts all of her family but, as they are also an important part of our club family, in particular we think of John, Karen and Darren who we will be here for when they need us.

Whilst I appreciate that not everyone has had the chance to meet and know her, for many of us she has been a friend, valued committee member and club and county squad member.
I invite you all to fill the page with photos and memories of her so that those who didn’t meet her can now have a chance to know her.

A tribute page has been setup and streaming of the funeral will be held at 1pm on the 24th March 2021. Please share any photos and/or stories either on the facebook page or on the tribute site.